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  1. Hello, Dave: I appreciate your detailed guidance for GTD users in a paper format. I am a new GTD-er and have a quick question for you. In the Next Actions section above you mention @Errands, @Anywhere, @Office and @Weekly Review. Where can I find those @s? Many thanks–Chuck Calendine

  2. Chuck

    Thanks for your question but can I encourage you to look across to my main GTD site at ?

    There on this page you’ll find information about these “Contexts” as they are referred to in “GTD-speak”. They’re the places where you need to be reminded of Next Actions – for example, @Errands are all the Next Actions you need to know about when you’re out shopping (or maybe online shopping).

    The A4 GTD system is also on this site at

    The site is in the process of being closed down as I don’t run that business anymore.

    If you need more explanation then just ask!

  3. Dave:

    Thank you for your kind, prompt and helpful reply.

    I look forward to becoming better acquainted with the paper-based GTD system you describe as I feel this might be the keystone for my implementation of GTD for me.

    As David Allen describes in his Phases, I have been Informed and Inspired–now is the challenge of Implementation! How and when in how extensively to make this happen is what I am grappling with at the moment. I feel that having a “template” for a paper-based GTD system is foundational for my implementation and that is why I have found your resources so very helpful.

    I will rely upon your MyGTDSystem for further inspiration and information in my implementation process.

    Again, many thanks!


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